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Here’s the most recent one…

Happy New Year from MTF!

What a crazy and wonderful year 2016 has been! We’ve been humbled by the incredible support we’ve seen so far and it makes us excited for the year ahead. As our thanks, we want to offer you a 16%-off-everything-in-the-store code:


There are no exclusions and it can be used as many times as you like, but don’t wait too long! It’s only good through January 14! Please feel free to share the code with anyone you think may be interested!

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New Updates

We’ve received some great feedback so far, both successes and bug reports. Keep it coming! We’re taking it all to heart to make our fonts work that much better for you with each update.


We have uploaded some micro updates of our Finale-compatible fonts, improving performance on Windows. We recommend completely removing any of our Finale-compatible fonts completely from your system, along with their FAN and LIB files and replacing them with the updated ones that are now available in the Downloads section of your user account.


As with any young and developing software, lots of things are bound to change. Dorico is no exception, but in a good way. With the release of version 1.0.20, and as recommended in the SMuFL specification, Dorico now expects font metadata files to be located in a more common file location and follow a specific naming convention so that any SMuFL-compliant application can find it without needing to duplicate files. Details about this change can be found on our installation instuctions page. From now on, we will only be providing metadata files that follow the current recommended naming scheme (but if you must have the other one, it’s just a matter of renaming the file).

What’s coming up

We are very excited about things to come in 2017. Here are few of our New Year’s resolutions for you to look forward to:

  • Make all of our fonts SMuFL-compliant and expand the number of supported glyphs (we’re hoping that more notation programs will get on the boat…).

  • Sort out (and hopefully find a reliable solution for) the font compatibility issues plaguing our Finale users on OSX. This has been a tricky and frustrating bug to deal with. So, we hope it will be behind us soon.

  • Make Sibelius 7.5 & 8.X compatible font family files (at least until Avid decides to adopt SMuFL)

  • Work on some more fantastic privately commissioned font projects (we had about 6-8 projects this year!). If anyone has contacted us about this previously, please know that we haven’t forgotten you.

  • “Pro” fonts that are optically sized. This has been on our TODO list for a LONG time and we are determined to get to it.

  • A handful of beautiful new text(!) fonts that are designed to be used with music (think titles, dynamic expression text, lyrics, etc.). We’ve also got a bunch of new music fonts in the works, too!

Whether or not we get to all of that is yet to be seen, but we hope our efforts benefit the wonderful music engraving and publishing community.

As always, any font updates are free of charge and if you need to contact us for any reason, please don’t hesitate!

Happy Engraving!