What’s New

BREAKING NEWS!: We are pleased to announce that we have successfully determined the issue that caused cross-platform compatibility problems with our Finale-compatible fonts (versions 2014.5 & 25, specifically for our Mac OSX users). A remedy has been applied and we have made every effort to thoroughly test each of the fonts on both Windows and Mac OSX platforms to ensure quality functionality. The following fonts were affected by this update:

  • MTF-Arnold
  • MTF-Beethoven
  • MTF-Cadence
  • MTF-Gutenberg1939
  • MTF-Haydn
  • MTF-Ross
  • MTF-Scorlatti

We strongly encourage anyone who has purchased a license for these fonts to perform the following steps at your earliest convenience:

  1. Remove the old font file(s) whose name ends with “-Fin.ttf” and their associated LIB & FAN file(s) completely from your computer before installing the new ones since they’ve all been updated.
  2. Login to your MTF account and download the updated files.
  3. Follow the updated instructions here to ensure proper installation.

As always, if you do happen to encounter any issues, please contact us with as much detail as you can so we can diagnose the problem properly.

Celebrate good times, come on!

A big, BIG thanks to everyone who helped by providing detailed bug reports and any other assistance to getting this fixed! To celebrate, we are happy to offer a coupon code for 17% off of any single font of your choosing (good through the end of March). Just apply this at checkout: BADBUG17